Maritime for Primary and Secondary Education Coalition

Ship Operations Cooperative Program
Maritime education offers an unique opportunity to underserved students in America?s urban cities to explore our Nation?s rich maritime heritage and to follow a path to high school graduation and a career in the marine/maritime community. The Coalition will foster the development of maritime education in our Nation?s primary and secondary schools. This will be accomplished through a network of local, state and federal agencies, private employers, maritime associations, maritime institutions of higher education and other interested partners. The Maritime for Primary and Secondary Education Coalition (MPSEC) will work with its Coalition partners to develop outreach programs at both the primary and secondary school levels.
SOCP is a non-profit organization of maritime industry professionals to promote beneficial innovations in ship and other maritime operations through the identification, development, and application of new methods, tools, and technologies. SOCP's overall objective is to improve the safety, productivity, efficiency, security, and environmental performance of U.S. vessel operations.

Any organization with U.S. interests that support vessel operations is eligible to participate in the cooperative program.
SUNY Maritime College

SUNY Maritime is a four-year college located at historic Fort Schuyler in Throggs Neck, New York which offers a solid academic program coupled with a structured cadet life in the regiment for both men and women. Maritime College prepares students for careers through a content-centered curriculum and a hands-on, team building approach to learning. Maritime offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, 18 varsity athletic teams, summer training cruises to Europe, five ROTC options, and US Coast Guard license and intern programs
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North American Maritime Environment Association

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) was officially launched in 2007. It is a marine industry-led initiative which engages marine businesses, government and the public to "Save Our Seas" by promoting sound environmental practices. NAMEPA operates as a nongovernmental organization committed to preserving the marine environment through educating seafarers, port communities and students about the need, and strategies, for protecting this important global resource. For more information, go to
Transport Canada
Committed to the goals of the International Maritime Community, Canada has one of the safest and most secure transportation systems in the world. Canada works closely with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to establish global standards that can be adopted into the country’s regulatory framework in order to provide safe, secure and environmentally responsible navigation for vessels trading in or transiting through Canadian waters. Canada is a founding member of the IMO and has been elected to Council without interruption since 1959. Canada continues to dedicate its efforts toward advancing an international framework for safe, secure and sustainable marine practices, a sound marine infrastructure, and a healthy marine environment.